The Marketing Plan for Podcasters
Who Hate Marketing.

Attract more listeners.

Increase episode downloads.

Grow your podcast.

Growing a Podcast Can Feel Like A Pain

  • How are you going to get listeners?

  • How can you communicate with your listeners?

  • How can you promote your products and services?

  • How can you get feedback about your show?

  • How can you build a community around your show?

  • How can you increase listener engagement?

  • How can you personalize your messages to your audience?

  • How do you notify listeners about new episodes?

This plan helps you answer all of these questions. Plus when you do, your podcast will grow and stand out from the competition.

How to use a newsletter to grow your podcast

Podcast Newsletter by Dylan Schmidt
  1. Download the free plan

  2. Follow the steps

  3. Watch your podcast take off

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